Welcome to Chongqing Jinfo Mountain!
Service Center
Services of Tourist Center in Jinfo Mountain Scenic spot
1、Tour Inquiry
2、Complaint Handling
3、Tour Guide Service
4、Voice Guide Service
5、Video Introduction
6、Touch-screen Inquiry Machine
7、Upcoming Programs in Scenic Spots
8、Souvenir Service
9、Public Telephone
10、Postal Service
11、Sewing Kit
12、Free Supply of Umbrella, Baby Carrier, Crutch and Wheel Chair
13、Free Supply of Boiling Water
14、Free Cellphone Charging
15、Free Toilet
16、Rest Area


Winter to the location, in addition to reward rime scenery, play with snow, but also taste the location uniq

Strength Soup

Strength Soupisalso known as oil-tea camellia It hasquite exquisitesteaming method andcannot onlyenhance your strength and vitality, but also stimulate your appetiteand restore your strength

Pot Rice

It is a special cooking method of the local villagers on Jinfo Mountain;put millet, broken corn, rice,potatoes

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