Welcome to Chongqing Jinfo Mountain!
Jinfo Mountain is the only large-scale scenic area that integrates seven titles in Chongqing, including: World Natural Heritage, National Famous Scenic Area, National Forest Park, National Nature Reserve, National Natural Heritage, First Batch of National Science Education Base, National 5A Level Scenic Area. 

    Jinfo Mountain, also known as Jinfshan Mountain, was called Jiudishan Mountain in the ancient time; it consists of 108 peaks, such as: Jinfo, Qingba and Baizhisan. Jinfo Mountain is located near the mysterious north latitude 30 degrees, in the territory of Nanchuan District, Chongqing and in the north Dalou Mountains, covering an area of 1300 square kilometers with scenic area of 441 square kilometers; the highest peak has elevation of 2238 meters; the special geographical location and climatic conditions reduced the impact of the Quaternary glacier in the ancient period, so this place completely maintained the ancient original ecological environment of different geological ages; the local Karst landform characteristics are quite distinct, integrating "mountain, river, stone, forest, spring and cave" and “grandness, strangeness, dangerousness, beauty and tranquility”; the scenic area is included in the four famous mountains of Chongqing with its unique natural landscape, a variety of rare plants and animals, grand and strange rock styles, mysterious caves, the changeable meteorological landscape and famous temple sites. 

Winter to the location, in addition to reward rime scenery, play with snow, but also taste the location uniq

Strength Soup

Strength Soupisalso known as oil-tea camellia It hasquite exquisitesteaming method andcannot onlyenhance your strength and vitality, but also stimulate your appetiteand restore your strength

Pot Rice

It is a special cooking method of the local villagers on Jinfo Mountain;put millet, broken corn, rice,potatoes

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