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Strength Soup
2017-03-27 14:56:42

Strength Soupisalso known as oil-tea camellia It hasquite exquisitesteaming method andcannot onlyenhance your strength and vitality, but also stimulate your appetiteand restore your strength

    Strength Soup is also known as oil-tea camellia. It has quite exquisite steaming method and cannot only enhance your strength and vitality, but also stimulate your appetite and restore your strength. 

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You can explore the micro ecological world of the canyon, walk into the grand natural wildflowers world to enjoy the butterflies andview Francois’ Leaf Monkeyand Giant StoneArray

Blue Pond & Tranquil Valley

Blue Pond & Tranquil Valley starts from Healthcare Pavilionto the lower cableway station, and consists of over

Jinfo Temple

JinfoTemple is the place where you can burn candles in ancient Buddha rites The old saying goes like this:

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